Oh, and a reminder: Jump is on break this week.

First, from the manga account:


Volume 12, the latest from Jump Comics, is on sale now with rave reviews!! Previously, Furudate-sensei sketched an image of “a duo who really don’t have any common ground” in response to that. Well, everyone enjoyed it so much that he’s made another! Be sure to check out volume 12!!


top text: Some publicity featuring a duo who really don’t have any common ground, Part 2
(Bokuto): He’s huge!
Bokuto: You’re Hinata’s rival, right?
Bokuto: Man, you’re tall!
Aone sfx: Nod nod
Futakuchi: You’re way too shy, Aone!!
(Bokuto): Crap! He’s not saying anything!! Wait, maybe he’s actually not Japanese?! Russian?! Is he from Russia?!
Bokuto: Akaashi, can you speak Russian?!
Akaashi: Huh? No, not at all.
Kuro: Panini.
Bokuto: Is that how you say hello?!
Akaashi: Panini is an Italian food, isn’t it?
Bokuto: Quit screwing around, Kuro!!
bottom text: Haikyuu!! volume 12 is on sale now!! Please check it out!!


And now, from the anime account:


The “Haikyuu!!” portion of the “Jump Special Anime Festa 2014”, appearing in 6 cities across Japan, will be screening an anime adaptation of an original story where Nekoma High School takes center stage! Haiba Lev will also make his anime debut~!


I can’t believe Robin Williams is dead…


All caught up with HQ!! translations! To celebrate, here are some new images from the official website.

text: 2 days until volume 12 goes on sale!!

text: Volume 12 goes on sale tomorrow!!

large text: Volume 12 goes on sale today!! (August 4)
arrow text: Make sure you take a look at what’s under the wraparound!!

(and here’s a bonus from the twitter account):


The countdown image has already been updated on the website, but here’s a secondary one you’ll only find on twitter! It’s an additional sketch by Furudate-sensei!! This time, we have a duo that’s rare to see together, even in the original work!

top text: Some publicity featuring these two, who really don’t have any common ground!!
(Kenma): Wanna go home, wanna go home…
Kenma sfx: Twitch
(Asahi): What to do, what to do…
Asahi sfx: Twitch
Asahi: I…it’s a cool Nishinoya side story in it.
(note: Asahi’s line here purposefully sounds a little awkward. In the original Japanese, he basically messed up the last word of the sentence)
bottom text: Haikyuu!! volume 12 goes on sale today!! Please check it out!!


Taking a break before I commence tackling 119 (yes, that means everything up to that point is translated. :P), so here are some amusing/cute twitter posts from the official HQ!! account.

Note: these contain spoilers for an event that happens in chapters 117-118. Most people probably know about it already, but eh.

It’s time for the Furudate-sensei scribble corner! But, since this one contains spoilers from last week’s chapter (118), be warned if you haven’t read it yet. …That said, it’s just one panel, so you won’t really get what’s going on anyway! This is the impact scene from page 2 of last issue. Amidst the incredible feeling of tension, you’ll notice there’s something on the right-hand edge of the page…

Here it is enlarged. …there’s one person (bird?) who isn’t even remotely tense.

(as for what it’s saying, “well that sucks” is about right. XD)

  • Question: Did you know that in Assassination classroom ch 93 page 19, there's a reference to this meme "ぎゃてコラ" (Come out and play!). I founded this meme through SkarlTaro in DeviantArt. - Anonymous
  • Answer:

    Seeing as I stopped reading the series back around chapter 60 (and stopped translating it as of chapter 55), uh… that’s nice? >_>;

  • Question: Hi, do you know about any twins (boy and a girl) in the Arthuriana? Or siblings in general - Anonymous
  • Answer:



    I actually don’t know of twins! But maybe someone does :D

    About siblings (in Malory, other sources are written down): Gawain, Gaheris, Gareth and Agravaine are brothers, Clarissant is their sister (in a continuation of the Percival), Mordred is their half brothers (in Geoffrey of Monmouth Gawain and Mordred are brothers); Elaine of Astolat and Lavaine; Morgause, Elaine and Morgana are sisters and Arthur is their half brother; Lucan and Bedivere are brothers; Lamorak, Percival and Aglovale are brothers or at least half brothers and Tor is their half brother; Palamides, Safir and Segwarides are brothers; Lancelot and Hector de Maris are half brothers; Bors and Lionel are brothers; Lynette and Lyonesse; Guinevere and Guinevak are half sisters (in Lancelot-Grail but I am not sure); Llacheu is Arthur’s son in the Welsh Triads (I guess we can call him Loholt later? Or we consider Loholt a different son) and Amr is Arthur’s son in Nennius so they are half brothers and Mordred’s half brothers too; Madoc is Arthur’s brother in Welsh texts; Ywain and Ywain the Bastard are half brothers and… I can’t think of anyone else but I am sure there’s some other sibling around XD

    Some modern authors have twins in the Orkney crew, either Agravain and Gaheris are twins or Gaheris and Gareth are twins.  I think Agravain and Gaheris as twins appears in Mary Stewart’s Wicked Day and Nancy McKenzie’s Queen of Camelot.  Gaheris and Gareth are twins in Jane Yolen’s Sword of the Rightful King.  

    In some texts, Merlin has a twin sister named Ganieda (though she also appears as his half-sister in some instances, as well). As for other siblings, there’s Percival and Dindrane (either full-siblings or half) and La Cote Mal Taillée (Bruenor) and Dinadan (in the Tavola Ritonda, they also have a brother named Daniel).

Source: fuckyeaharthuriana

The results are up for that “dream team” questionnaire I mentioned last month. 6,586 people voted, and the end result was…

Wing Spikers (had to select 2):

  1. Tanaka Ryunosuke (2,413 votes)
  2. Sawamura Daichi (2,190 votes)
  3. Iwaizumi Hajime (1,799 votes)
  4. Bokuto Koutaro (1,669 votes; runner-up)

Setter (had to select 1):

  1. Kageyama Tobio (1,968 votes)
  2. Sugawara Koushi (1,583 votes; runner-up)

Middle Blockers (had to select 2):

  1. Kuroo Tetsuro (3,438 votes)
  2. Hinata Shouyou (3,358 votes)
  3. Tsukishima Kei (3,319 votes; runner-up)

Libero (had to select 1):

  1. Nishinoya Yuu (5,066 votes)
  2. Yaku Morisuke (1,277 votes; runner-up)

Given these results, I seriously won’t be surprised if Noya ranks first in the second popularity poll. Also, I’m betting they changed it to 3 wing spikers so the results wouldn’t be “Karasuno + Kuro” (so instead, it’s “Karasuno + Kuro and Iwaizumi” XD with Bokuto off sulking in a corner because he could have beaten Iwaizumi with just 100 more votes).


While I was translating 112 and 113, I realized I’d need to make a translation notes post, so here it is (also, FYI: 114 and 115 are already translated, but Casanova could really use more redrawers to get releases out faster).

First up, the slogan on Jouzenji’s banner and the Hinata/Kageyama pun that goes with it. Okay, so. Jouzenji’s slogan is 質実剛健 (shitsujitsugouken), which means simplicity and fortitude/austerity and manliness/unaffected and sincere/with fortitude and vigor. Originally, I wanted to use the first of those translations, but then this happens:

Kageyama’s half of the pun involves the “shitsujitsu” part of the slogan. “Shitsuji” (執事) means “butler”, hence the picture behind him. “Valor” to “valet” was the best I could come up with, as a valet is traditionally another name for a manservant. Hinata’s half of the pun involves the “gouken” part of the slogan. You’ll notice that his picture is a sentai hero/power ranger/etc. His interpretation of “gouken” would loosely translate to “five fighters”. That one was a bit trickier, since it had to play off “simplicity” while still connecting to the superhero theme.

Next up, the first of several butt-related lines.

Noya’s line in the Japanese is 尻ぬぐい (shirinugui), which has several meanings. Normally, it would be better translated as “way to cover for them” or “way to pick up their slack”, but Daichi’s reaction meant I had to lean toward another of its meanings: “wiping another’s buttocks”. Luckily, English has a phrase that both fits and follows that same vein: “wiping someone’s butt for them”, which basically means you’re helping someone with something they should be able to do themself.

Next, a minor thing that might be interesting?
Daichi’s “support” line here:

and Coach Anabara’s “from the ground up” line here:

are actually using the same word: 土台 (dodai), which can mean foundation/base/groundwork or something which provides (physical) support. Context resulted in the word being translated both ways.

Now back to the butts.

Fun fact: the line spoken by Okudate earlier in 113, translated as “please encourage them”, is actually the same as the one here. ケツ叩く (ketsu tataku) means either “encouraging someone/pushing someone to action” or “smacking someone on the butt”. “Ketsu” here is a slang term for “butt” - hence why Misaki’s lines are a bit cruder than Shimizu’s a couple pages later. But I’ll get to that in a second. Anyway! Once again, English idioms prove themselves useful. To “get someone’s ass/butt in gear” is a way of saying “to motivate someone”.

Now, about Shimizu’s line when Tanaka and Noya are clearly indicating that they want her to literally smack their butts.

Shimizu’s wording is a bit less crude than Misaki’s, as she uses 尻叩く (shiri tataku) instead of ケツ叩く (ketsu tataku). It’s about the difference between, well… “butt” and “ass”, I guess! I had to keep the same “get your butts/asses in gear” line for consistency, but at least now you can see the multiple layers of it!


Expect a rather long translation notes post once HQ!! 112 & 113 are released (yes, they’re both fully translated now and Casanova’s typesetters are working their magic as we speak). It’s sitting in my drafts, but I’m waiting to put the corresponding images in so it’s not just a massive wall of text.

  • Question: Would Haikyuu scanlations come out faster if you had help? Or is it slow because of the cleaning and redrawing part? - Anonymous
  • Answer:

    At the moment, HQ scanlations are slow because of what I mentioned in this post (in other words, because I recently got a legit paid translation job for a localization company and the project I was working on, which ended a few days ago, took up all my time). I’m currently playing catch-up, so all I can say is… you’ve got to be patient.

    (this goes for the anon who asked about Soul Catchers translations, too - though with an addendum that Haikyuu!! always gets top priority)