It’s the final chapter, everyone! (well, at least until the epilogue conclusion thing being published in August’s issue of Jump NEXT!) I’ve been translating Nuramago for the last… 50 or so chapters, starting during the Hyaku Monogatari Arc. It’s been an overall fun ride, though the series has (of course) had its ups and downs. And of course there’s still the super secret project mentioned at the end of the chapter…

Well, anyway, here are some extended translation notes for you guys!


[page 8]

Encho’s pronouns
IMO, it’s worth noting that Encho always used to use atashi to refer to himself, but uses watashi here instead. I think he’s actually been doing this for a few chapters now. For those who aren’t familiar with the two pronouns, atashi is generally only used by girls (and effeminate men). Watashi is the standard gender-neutral pronoun that basically everyone uses. Both use the same kanji, however.

Seimei and His Son
I mentioned this in an earlier chapter’s notes, but it’s particularly strange here. Second calls Seimei both 父上 (chichi-ue) and 父 (chichi) within the same panel. I honestly have no idea why he keeps switching between them, since he’s only used “chichi” in earlier chapters.

[page 9]

Darling Rikuo
The original Japanese is “愛しリクオ” (itoshi rikuo). Itoshi is a shortened version of itoshii, which means beloved/darling/dear/lovely/adorable… you get the gist. I admit I probably went for the most hilarious option of the bunch, because it’s the last chapter so why not!

[page 10]

His name literally means “black belt”, as in the type earned in karate, judo, etc.

Fukui and Wakayama
Fukui refers to Fukui Prefecture, which is in the Chubu Region. Wakayama refers to Wakayama Prefecture, which is in Kansai and about one prefecture removed from Kyoto. Basically, it means that Tamazuki has already moved his forces into the area.

[page 17]

Poor Shima, he’s pretty far from home. Bahrain is an island nation in the Middle East that’s actually made up of 33 islands. If Nuramago is meant to be taking place in the present day, then I feel especially bad for Shima - Bahrain has been having a lot of protests and uprisings over the past year or so, mostly geared toward achieving greater political freedom and civil rights.

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